FAQ and Information - Cosmetology Academy

FAQ and Information

When is the last day to apply for the 2022-2023 Cosmetology Academy?
Juniors (Class of 2024) have until 11:59 pm on November 18, 2021 to complete and submit their Cosmetology Academy Request Form. This is a two-year program, so students can only apply leading into their Junior year. Here is the link for the Academy Request Form: http://tinyurl.com/MyCOSRequest2022 

Is there NISD Transportation available?
Yes. During the Junior school year, NISD transportation will pick Cosmetology students up at their normal bus stop and bring students to Steele High School. After 3rd period, NISD transportation will take students to their high school home campus. During the Senior year, NISD transportation will pick students up at their high school home campus and bring them to Steele High School for class periods 6, 7, and 8. After school, NISD transportation to take students home.
*Tuesday is extended for Salon until 6PM. Salon is a requirement for Seniors and they must have their own transportation home at 6PM on each Tuesday the salon is open- There is no district transportation for extended schedules on Tuesdays. 

Can students drive themselves to and from the Academy?
Yes, students have the option to drive to Steele and to their home high school campus. Students with a valid Texas license, insurance, and parent permission form on file, can drive to Steele for the Cosmetology Academy and back to their home high school campus. 

What is the two-year course sequence for the Cosmetology Academy?
Junior Year – Students will attend Steele High School for 1, 2, and 3 class periods (8:30 am till 11:15 am) for their Cosmetology courses. Then travel back to their home high school campus for lunch. They will finish their academic courses during 5, 6, 7, and 8 periods.

Senior Year – Students will attend their home high school campus for 1, 2, 3, 4 periods, and lunch. Then travel to Steele High School to complete their Cosmetology courses during 6, 7, and 8 periods.
*Extended hours are required for Seniors on each Tuesday until 6:00 pm when the salon is open. Students must provide their own transportation home from Salon on Tuesday. 

How much does it cost to earn a state Cosmetology certification at Steele High School? 
Northwest ISD offers the cosmetology courses & curriculum, cosmetology kit, and cosmetology training for free. There may be some small incidental costs, but they are minimal. If a student were to attend a cosmetology school after high school in the state of Texas, the average tuition for a Texas cosmetology program outside of NISD is $14,000, plus the cost of kit and books. 

What requirements are there to join the Cosmetology Academy?
Students need to be on pace for graduation and have good attendance. See your high school counselor if you have questions about your graduation plan and requirements.

How does a student earn their Cosmetology state certification?
Through the Steele Cosmetology Academy certification program, students will earn their 1,000 hours of cosmetology experience through the two years of training. In the Senior year, students will prepare and must pass a state written and practical exam to be eligible for a license. 

Are there any after school requirements?
Yes. The Steele Cosmetology program operates the “Shears of Steele Salon” providing Senior students the opportunity to earn hours and gain hands-on career experience. The salon is open on Tuesdays from 1:00 pm till 6:00 pm.

As part of the Cosmetology Academy, are there additional experiences?
Yes. As part of the Cosmetology Academy, students gain real world experiences through “Shears of Steele Salon”, NISD Back to School event, NISD Expo event, industry certifications, digital ePortfolios, guest speakers, industry connections and partnerships, and so much more.

Tell me more about the students who have earned their past state certifications?
Steele Cosmetology Academy graduates are currently attending UNT, UTA, TCC, TWU, Johnson & Wales, Tint School of Makeup & Cosmetology, Sam Houston State University, National Guard, and additional post-secondary schools. Some of the majors our Cosmetology Academy graduates are studying include nursing, business, counseling & mental health, pilot & aviation, costume design, teacher certification, and many more. 

Steele Cosmetology Academy graduates are currently in numerous career apprenticeships and actively working in the Cosmetology industry. Students are working in national franchises, salons, theatre, and as independent contractors. Steele Cosmetology Academy graduates have worked at Great Clips, Supercuts, Frenchy’s Nail Salon, Floyd 99 Barbershop, Foiled Salon, Depil Brazil Waxing, Hair Bar, Bazooka Charlie's Barber Co., Ulta Beauty, and other salons.