Check Out Procedures

Early Release/Check Out Requests

  • In order for students to check themselves out, a parent/guardian note or email must be provided to the front office to request early release/self-check-out.  The front office will call student down to the office at the time requested on the note.
  • We cannot accept phone calls requesting early release and are unable to take last minute phone calls to have students waiting in the Front Office for parent arrival.
  • In the event of an emergency, the student’s principal and attendance personnel will be notified to approve release.  A follow-up written note/email from the parent is expected to confirm the emergency.
  • Steele Accelerated High School is a closed campus, therefore, students are not allowed to leave the campus for lunch.

With the passage of Texas State House Bill 5, we are no longer able to disrupt a classroom through the use of telephone or intercom.

 If a student misses 20 minutes or more of a class because of checking out early, he or she will be marked absent in that class.