Understanding GPA

GPA Calculations

Student GPA's (grade point averages) are calculated using two different methods.

• The first GPA is referred to as the unweighted GPA, and it is calculated on a straight 4.0 scale (as shown below). This is the GPA colleges want when you are completing admissions paperwork or scholarship applications. This is also the GPA the counseling center gives to the kids.

100 - 90: 4 points

89-80: 3 points

79-70: 2 points

below 70: 0 points

• The second GPA is referred to as the weighted GPA. The weighted GPA is ONLY used to calculate class ranks. It takes into account the advanced/honors courses and awards higher points for the grades. It is based on a 7.0 scale. A link is given below which shows the breakdown of this point system.