NCTC Info: Disabilities & Services


North Central Texas College does not discriminate on the basis of disability for admission or access to its programs. The College is committed to providing equal access to its students with disabilities by providing appropriate accommodations; a variety of services and resources are made available through the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD). Students are responsible for notifying the OSD Department of their need for assistance.


Disability Services (OSD)

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) provides accommodations for students who have a documented disability.

On the Gainesville Campus, go to room 110 or call 940-668-4209. 

North Central Texas College is on record as being committed to both the spirit and letter of federal equal opportunity legislation, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, ADA Amendments Act of 2009, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (P.L. 93-112).   Click HERE for link to Office for Students with disabilities.


Support Services

Counseling and Testing staff offer a variety of services to current and prospective students, such as College 101, placement testing, academic advising and course registration, transfer assistance, and College Success seminars (Time Management, Study Skills, Test Anxiety, Choosing a Major, Learning Style Strategies, Career Exploration), and much more. 
Click HERE for Counseling Services.


Student Success offers academic coaching, tutoring, including a Writing Center, a Math Lab, free 24/7 online tutoring through Grade Results and assist new students acclimate to college by providing computer lab services for prospective students.   First generation students can also participate in TRIO which offers specialized support services.
Click HERE for link to TRIO.


Financial Aid offers financial resources for students that qualify, visit the financial aid offices for more information.  Click HERE for link to Financial Aid.


Tutorial assistance is available to all students. These services can be accessed ONLINE or students can come to any on campus tutoring center during scheduled hours.


Student Success Center: The Student Success Center is designed to help all students at NCTC develop tools to achieve their academic goals.  This program also links students to FREE tutoring, including a Writing Center, a Math Lab, and free 24/7 online tutoring and helps new students acclimate to college by providing computer lab services for prospective students.  All students are invited to visit the Student Success Center on the Corinth Campus go to rooms 170, 182, or 188; on the Gainesville Campus go to rooms 114 or 111; on the Flower Mound Campus go to room 111, on the Bowie Campus go to room 124.


TRIO Program: TRIO Programs are federally funded programs which offer services designed to assist students in achieving their academic goals. Services include educational workshops, academic advising, tutoring, personal counseling, career counseling, cultural enrichment, and financial aid information.  Students may be eligible for TRIO if they are currently enrolled at North Central Texas College, have academic need, and meet at least ONE of THREE criteria which include:  1) first generation status—neither parent has graduated from college, 2) income level is within federal low income guidelines, and/or 3) has a documented disability.  TRIO is located in Room 170 on the Corinth Campus, Room 112 on the Gainesville Campus, and Room 124 on the Bowie Campus.   Contact Jessica DeRoche, TRIO Coordinator, at, 940-498-6212 on the Corinth Campus for more information.


Students can also access the Department of Student Success’ website by going to and clicking on the red button in the middle of the page labeled “Tutoring and Other ACADEMIC SUPPORT SERVICES” or by going directly to


While the resources of the high school library may meet most of the research needs of dual credit students, students may access the NCTC system as well. Every NCTC student is given an ID number by the Admissions Office. All students can use this to access the full resources of the NCTC library databases.  Students may also come in during regular library hours on any of the NCTC campuses. Please remember, NCTC is an institution of higher education and the college library provides materials that support and supplement the educational process. No effort is made to either censor or filter any materials from its collections.



  1. Log in to MyNCTC: User Name (doej123456) and Password (123000456)

  2. Click on Library Resources

  3. Click on Library Databases

NOTE: If you have a smaller screen size, you may have to click Menu --> Library Resources and then Menu --> Library Databases.


North Central Texas College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, or disability in the employment or the provision of services.