Dress Code

Steele Supplemental Handbook 


Students will follow the NISD dress code. To clarify #7 of the NISD Secondary Dress code, students shall not wear the following without appropriate outer garments that meet dress code requirements: revealing apparel such as shirts tied at the waist or that expose the midriff; garments that are torn, ragged or “holey” above mid-thigh; tank tops that are not at least as wide as the longest side of a student ID; spaghetti straps; cut-off T-shirts or clothing revealing shoulders; “low cut” tops; shirts open at the side; or sheer or see-through clothing of any kind.  Proper undergarments must be worn and covered by outer clothing.

Steele students may not show undergarments, stomachs, and/or inappropriate body parts at any time during the school day or on campus. No hats will be permitted on males or females on campus.