Workday Wednesday Dress Code



In order to promote a workplace environment, all students shall be required to meet the minimum expectations of the dress and grooming code on Workday Wednesdays.  Failure to dress appropriately for Workday Wednesday will result in possible loss of A1 card privileges as determined by the administration. Students are responsible for reviewing the campus calendar and announcements for specific days.

For all Workday Wednesday Activities:

A Student’s personal dress and grooming standards must adhere to the following criteria

  1. Male students must wear either a polo/golf-style shirt or dress shirt, button down style, either short or long sleeve, tucked in with a belt

  2. Female students are required to wear either dress pants with blouse/shirt that is tucked in and with a belt if appropriate, a skirt with a blouse, or a dress. 

  3. All students must have their hair appropriately groomed.  Male students with long hair should have their hair pulled back in a neat ponytail.

  4. All students are required to wear business appropriate footwear (athletic shoes are not acceptable).

  5. Jackets are encouraged, but not required of any student.

  6. In lieu of corporate attire, a student may wear a clean, pressed Steele Polo tucked in to dress slacks and dress shoes (no jeans or athletic shoes).

  7. Corporate attire does not condone visible tattoos and any piercings on the face or tongue that contains jewelry. This policy will be adhered to on Workday Wednesday. All piercings must be covered or replaced with clear spacers. Tattoos must be covered.