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Steele Accelerated High School is one of the most innovative, nontraditional high schools in Texas.  

Steele Accelerated High School is designed for students who already know what they want in the future.  The Collegiate Academy, through partnerships with The University of Texas and North Central Texas College, allows students to begin college classes as early as their ninth grade year and graduate with up to 60 hours of college credit at about one fourth of the cost of a traditional college path.  Our first cohort of students who will be 10th graders this year will have half of their freshman year of college completed before they are juniors in high school!  Freshman Mikayla Humphrey said, “I really like how small Steele is.  Everybody knows everybody, and there’s none of the drama that you see at a traditional high school because we are all focused on our future goals.”

Our state of the art Academy of Cosmetology and salon offers students the opportunity to graduate from high school with a full cosmetology license and industry experience, ready to start their careers as soon as they walk across the stage at graduation!  Student Keaton Jones states, “I’m excited that I will have my license when I graduate and be able to begin my career at age 18.  I’ll also finish my esthetician license by the time I’m 19, and someday open my own salon!”  Many Cosmetology Academy students are enrolled in college classes as well.

About 1/4 of our students graduate in three years with significant college credits as well.  Graduate Grant Hase says, “I came to Steele after one year in a traditional school.  I was able to graduate high school in only three years, and because of the college coursework I was able to take at Steele, I will graduate from Texas A&M in only two years!”

We focus on community service in lieu of traditional programs like athletics and fine arts.  Goal planning and project-based learning are a part of our daily classes.  These are not traditional, “old school” pathways to the future, but Steele’s students want to develop 21st century knowledge and skills and accelerate their paths to the future in ways that a traditional school cannot offer.

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