Profile of a Graduate

Profile of a Graduate
It is the mission of the Northwest Independent School District to provide a quality education, preparing all students to be successful, productive citizens. Our goal is to fulfill this mission by promoting the following characteristics in all of its programs. Every staff member bases student success and program development on these expectations, as well as the fulfillment of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Furthermore, these expectations are enhanced by the graduates completion of the NISD Recommended Plan.




A Northwest Independent School District graduate will:
Possess constructive strategies and/or skills for coping with change, stress, conflict, and transition.
Anticipate, assess, and respond positively to the problems and challenges that accompany change.

A Northwest Independent School District graduate will:
Contribute his/her time, energies, and talents to improve the welfare of himself/herself and others; have a sense of social responsibility; participate in the democratic process; be a contributing member of our economy; and operate effectively as a responsible member of our local, state, national, and international societies.
Involve himself/herself in endeavors addressing social, political, and environmental issues.
Formulate positive core values in order to create a vision for the future.
Evaluate, analyze, and modify behavior of self and others in a group situation.

A Northwest Independent School District graduate will:
Demonstrate effective leadership and/or group skills.
Demonstrate proficient reading, writing, speaking, artistic, and listening skills.
Demonstrate language literacy in written, aural, visual, electronic, and oral forms.

Critical Thinking
A Northwest Independent School District graduate will:
Demonstrate decision-making and problem-solving skills in a variety of situations.
Assess, formulate, and implement solutions to problems.
Analyze information from multiple points of view.
Locate, identify, assess, integrate, and apply information and resources.
Demonstrate proficient use and/or understanding of the latest forms of technology.

A Northwest Independent School District graduate will:
Demonstrate appreciation and value of self, including a health-conscious lifestyle.
Act as a compassionate, considerate, and caring member of society.
Understand the worth of diversity, differences of opinion, and humor.
Participate in interpersonal relationships within culturally and organizationally diverse settings.
Act as a quality decision-maker who exhibits integrity, and sound judgement; take personal responsibility for his/her actions; and make choices that benefit society.