Attendance Codes

Northwest ISD Attendance Codes

Unexcused Absence - Includes a full/partial day absence for personal reasons/business 

EXA Excused Absence – an absence (A) that has been reviewed and approved by a campus administrator or a student is sick per parent documentation

COC Co-curricular activity – Student is present at on-campus school activity.

DEP Student Is present in DAEP.

EC Extra-curricular activity – Student is present at off-campus school activity.

INC Student is incarcerated

ISS Student present in In-School-Suspension

MA  Full day medical absence with doctor note

MP Medical present – Student was absent part of the day & supplied medical note for that day 

OSS Out of School Suspension

PRE Present – replaces an incorrect absence code

REL Religious Holy Day

RUN Runaway

TRU Truant – student skips school or class

CRT Court - Student was required to attend court and there is documented, written, proof of that requirement from the court or judge

Tardy to school or class without medical note

IHE Institute of Higher Education visit

TAP Sounding TAPS at a military honors funeral held in Texas for a deceased veteran