Attendance Procedures



If your student is absent, please notify Nancy Salazar by phone or email that day.  Or you may provide a parent or doctor's note upon your student's return to school.

This note must be received within 3 school days.

This note may be faxed OR emailed OR turned in by the student to the Attendance Office.

 All absences are considered A for unexcused unless a parent has notified us that a student is home sick. The student is then coded EXA for excused and may have up to 6 per year.

 Please be aware that there is no difference between an “Excused” or “Unexcused" absence as far as the State looks at it for class credit. It simply differentiates if a student was off campus due to illness or a personal reason. Both of these absence count against a student for class credit.

A student who misses a full day of school with a medical note will be coded MA. These absences count against a student for class credit. 

A student who misses part of a day, with a medical note dated the same day, will be coded MP for Medical Present. This type of absent does not count against a student. 
All notes must be received within 3 days of your student's return to campus.

Allow us 24 hours to update attendance before verifying your student's attendance online on the Home Access Center (HAC).


When a student exceeds five (5) consecutive, or a total of six (6) cumulative absences in any six month period for personal illness, the principal may notify the parent/guardian that a doctor’s note is required to excuse future absences.

Students may receive a warning letter after missing 3 days in a four week period. 

Please note that an absence (A) where we have heard from a parent or received a medical note for a student who was out the entire daydoes go against a student for credit. A student who misses a part of the day with a medical note will be coded MP which does not go against a student for credit.