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A Message From Mr. Morris

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I am honored to have the opportunity to join Steele Accelerated High School in the role of principal for the 2018-2019 school year. As the Director of College and Career Readiness for Northwest ISD this past year and as an Associate Principal at Northwest High School for several years prior, I have had the privilege of watching Steele develop its own unique culture and campus norms since its very beginning.  Because of this, when the opportunity was presented to me to continue as the Director of College and Career Readiness and also assume the responsibilities of the principal, it was an easy decision.

Since I will be fulfilling the duties of two positions, you will likely hear me refer to myself as the “Director” of Steele, instead of the principal. As I assume these new responsibilities, please know that I am coming to the table with experience as a campus administrator and the resources of the Department of College and Career Readiness. Along with those resources comes our commitment to helping ensure that our students are in the right programs for the right reasons and that they graduate skilled, credentialed, and ready for whatever future they dream of for themselves.

As the Director of Steele, I am committed to upholding the standards of excellence that the Steele community has come to expect and I am excited to be part of new traditions and expectations that will continue to shape the future of Steele and strengthen the impact that our school has on all of Northwest Independent School District.

Outside of school life, my wife, Shannon, and I have been married for 25 years and spend our free time adjusting to a new normal as empty nesters having sent our daughter off to UT Austin in 2015 - Hook 'Em!