No Bullying Zone!

At Steele, we are blessed to have a wide variety of students in a small setting.  In a traditional high school, student groups tend to isolate themselves.  On our campus, we don't really have a choice but to meet others from all walks of life!  This gives all of us an incredible opportunity to learn about people, not generalize about a group.
Bullying can be lots of things.  It can be name-calling, teasing, hitting, pushing, threatening, ostracizing a peer, and more.  It can happen at school, in your neighborhood, on the phone, on the internet-pretty much everywhere.  Bullies can be anyone, anywhere.  They just think they have more power than the person they bully.
You don't have to fight a bully to "win."  Bullies look for weaknesses, differences, things that make people stand out.  I like to think of that as individualism, but that's another story...  Anyway, acknowledging your differences often takes away the one thing that a bully is targeting!  Don't react; don't give them what they want!
Stand up for others!  Even if you let one incident go by without intervening, that is one person who has been hurt by a bully.  There is strength in numbers and in having high expectations for yourself and others.  Working together eliminates individual targets for bullies.  I don't want bullies on our campus, but I cannot work on this alone.  Report incidents confidentially by delivering a note to a teacher, signing up to see the counselor, or letting me know.  Report them the same day!  Together, we can make this campus a safe and secure learning environment!
For more information, please see the following sites.  These sites are not endorsed by NISD, Steele, or me, but have some good stuff!  (Thanks to Ms. McClaine's class for this great link!)