How the Environmental Club Started

The Environmental Club (People striving for change) was started by Joey, Ali, Alex, Brooke, and Ixchel, students here at Steele AHS. The intent was to finish a project that was started by the “Make Roanoke Beautiful” committee in the city of Roanoke, Texas and located by the school. The club goal is to have the whole project completed by 2021. We want to provide a safe, and learning environment for students, and teachers to enjoy. We are not a typical club, we are motivated by our hearts to take on this project because not only is it beneficial to our generation, but to the upcoming generations of Steele students and teachers. We know what we are signing up for, that’s why we pick up the shovel. We don’t quit easy, if there’s a problem, we find a solution. If there is something we cannot get, we look for resources that can get it for us.